About Capiphon™

Capiphon has been established to take the benefits of Capiphon™ drainage solutions to the World.

We have joined forces with the inventor of Capiphon, Robert Hu, and Greenability Pty Limited, an organisation that has spent almost ten years validating Capiphon’s performance under varying conditions, developing support systems, and training for applications powered by Capiphon.

Our Mission

We understand the significance of water, both in quantity and quality, in a world where population growth, urbanisation, and global warming are bringing unprecedented pressure upon potable water supplies and waste water management.

Capiphon recognises the enormous economic benefit that can come from more efficient water management and from decreased installation costs. Our mission is to deliver a means of achieving those benefits in all countries around the World.

We will do this by

  • seeking like-minded people and organisations throughout the World to become Distributors
  • providing training and technical support through our Distributors
  • providing a cohesive and concerted marketing approach for our Distributors.

Geoffrey Fenn, BAgrSc, GAICD

Geoffrey has an agricultural science background, and spent the first part of his working life researching the influence of the soil/plant/animal interaction on infertility in sheep and cattle. His interest in applying a systems approach to problem solving led to his developing disease control and Geographic Information Systems.

He was an early user of the Internet through his association with other GIS scientists around the world, and this took him on another path as the part owner and Technical Director of an online marketing company.

These past few years have seen him combine his business and agricultural science skills in the development of water management solutions including drainage, groundwater extraction and recharge, and irrigation. He is also the Managing Director of GreenAbility Pty Limited.

Geoffrey Fenn

Hu Ming Chun (Robert), Inventor

Robert is a civil engineer who has invented and owned dozens of patents. Robert first had the idea for a drainage system 30 years ago. At the time he was working for the Indonesian government as a contractor building roads. He noticed that the most common reason for the failure of a project was the existence of water and the inability of drains to remove it. He came to the conclusion that conventional drainage systems will always fail eventually because of clogging, and that it was almost always impossible to overcome without completely replacing the drainage. This motivated Mr.HU to develop a better system - Capiphon™.


Serious Alternative to Ag Pipe

Ag pipe is also called aggie, agricultural pipe, ag line etc. Capiphon also out-performs slotted pipe.