Hello Everyone.

This is the first of a series of chats about Capiphon Drainage.(I don’t like the word “Blog” – much prefer to have a chat about things)

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What if you need a longer run?

Here is an enquiry just in: I am a turf manager in Auckland. I have a question regarding the belt length. The belts come in either 10m or 5.8m, is there any way to attach the belts? What if you need a longer run? Do you guys deliver to New Zealand? I would like to…

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TESTIMONIAL – Retaining Wall Drainage

retaining wall drainage

From Brian in Gosford who had a very tricky situation: “Very happy with the completed project.From yesterdays fairly heavy rain, the first Ihave been home to see, all water was takenaway by the Capiphon Belts.”

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