General Drainage

Capiphon™ Installation At A Playground

Capiphon™ can be substituted for any drainage system to provide better outcomes at less cost in virtually every situation. Freedom from blockage and simple installation means lower installation and lifetime costs.

Capiphon™ was installed at half the cost of conventional drainage.

This playground was often unavailable for several days following rain. Water flowed down from the adjacent playing field making the playground area totally unusable even after relatively light rainfall events.

Most of the savings come from reduced excavation costs

Most competitors suggest a minimum trench width of 300-450 mm. and depth of 600 mm. These dimensions require heavy machinery. Capiphon™ can be laid in a trench only 100 mm wide (or less in special circumstances) which can be dug by a much smaller machine. (The depth will depend on the proposed cultivation level).

The larger trenches require the removal of spoil as a separate operation. Capiphon™ trenches can be backfilled with the spoil unless it is heavy clay/silt in which case it may be backfilled with coarse sand.

No need for geotextile fabric or gravel transition layer

Geotextile fabrics are designed to prevent the soil particles entering the pipe. They do this by holding the soil against the holes of the fabric that the water is trying to get through. They become blocked over a short period of time, so are not only useless but are an unnecessary expense.

Perforated (slotted) pipe works only by gravity and requires a head of at least 25 mm for water to move into it. The gravel transition layer's main purpose is to provide a well of water to build up so that it will flow. Capiphon™ works by capillary action so works best when the belt is in direct contact with the soil.

Serious Alternative to Ag Pipe

Ag pipe is also called aggie, agricultural pipe, ag line etc. Capiphon also out-performs slotted pipe.