Golf Course Drainage

Capiphon can provide perfect drainage in challenging conditions.

Drainage is a key priority on golf courses. Apart from discomfort and inconvenience to players, flooding can cause cancellation of play, or at least serious disruption, both of which can cause a club to lose significant income.

Common Flooding Areas

The most common areas to flood, of course, are the bunkers. In this case, both bunkers were equally flooded but the bunker on the right was drained with Capiphon™ while the other remained untouched.

Another major area of concern is the approach. This is because the greens are built with a perched water table. A perched water table is simply a layer of less permeable soil above which the rapidly draining sand mix sits. As a result, water draining through the sand from either rain or irrigation will sometimes drain away through the side of the approach to the green.

Capiphon™ can be installed simply and at low cost, using small machines. Many jobs can be carried out using just handtools.

Serious Alternative to Ag Pipe

Ag pipe is also called aggie, agricultural pipe, ag line etc. Capiphon also out-performs slotted pipe.