Opportunities at Capiphon™

We are looking for NZ distributors.


As a company we are committed to the building of strong and long-lasting Supplier/Customer relationships. We are also committed to the development of suitable Distributors in Countries, States and/or Regions. We are also looking for Partnerships in Industries where we are not already represented, to assist us in the promotion and installation of this uniquely efficient, economical and profit-generating system.

Technical support, training and application templates are supplied to new Distributors.

I invite you to make contact with us if you see the opportunity for us to be able to assist you in the growth of your own business or in your own professional development. Please use the Contact Us Online form.

Geoffrey Fenn, Managing Director

Flooded Field

Or perhaps we are looking for you!

Capiphon is the ideal DIY product but sometimes customers need tradespeople to install Capiphon for them. If you are a tradesperson who would like to receive referrals, please register at our Contact Us Online page.

Or maybe you're a tradie who simply wants to take advantage of our trade discount. Please go to the Contact Us Online page to get in touch.

Sunbury after 225

Serious Alternative to Ag Pipe

Ag pipe is also called aggie, agricultural pipe, ag line etc. Capiphon also out-performs slotted pipe.