Belts for Pipe Fabrication

Capiphon Fabricated Pipe Products

Capiphon Pipes can be constructed on site. The Belt is available as a 175 mm roll suitable for 50mm lengths of PVC pipe but you can cut it to any length. (see the guidelines for fabrication). Collector/connectors are available for each pipe size.

Capiphon pipe is ideal for:

  • Limited Spaces
  • Placing behind retaining walls, basement walls, and under buildings especially where working space is limited. It can be used in conjunction with strips of belt if circumstances warrant it.

In Drains
Intercept drains where required for special purposes such as racecourses or other equestrian areas where very narrow trenches are required to avoid the problem of the horses hooves sinking into the trench..

Comes in 3 widths:

  • 100mm * 6m Capiphon Belt
  • 135mm * 6m Capiphon Belt
  • 175mm * 6m Capiphon Belt

Collectors/ Connectors
50mm Connection

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