Standard Belts

Flat Capiphon Belts

Capiphon is available as 10m rolls of 100mm wide belt. This is the standard Capiphon product which can be used in a variety of applications, horizontally, vertically or on any angle. It can be cut to length to suit.

Flat Capiphon also comes as 6m x 175mm rolls suitable for 6m lengths of PVC pipe for pipe fabricationbut you can cut it to any length, (see the guidelines for fabrication), and 65mm x 6mm for smaller drainage jobs.

It is ideal for:

Drainage under lawns, pavers, and slabs
Placing under lawns, pavers, concrete slabs, and other horizontal (or almost horizontal) structures. It is usually inserted into a collector pipe 10-20cm below the belt to create extra syphoning pressure. This is the most effective method of using Capiphon because the flow rate increases with “head” and the syphoning effect transfers the “head” of the drop to add to the “head” above the belt. Capiphon Belt is usually spaced between, say, 1.2m and 4m apart, depending on the expected amount of water.

Retaining Wall Drainage
Running down retaining walls and behind basement walls into a collector pipe. Spacing between strips of belt can be from 1.2m up to, say, 3m depending on the expected volume and source of water, and are run up to the surface. Backfilling with a 10cm thick “sandwich” of washed, coarse sand. See the Case Study “Waterproofing on a Boundary”.

Creating a cut-off (intercept) drain
Using small strips inserted vertically into a collector pipe to create an intercept (cut-off) drain. An intercept drain is simply a narrow trench with strips of Capiphon Belt running down into a PVC collector pipe at the bottom of the trench which is then backfilled with washed coarse sand. It is very much like a retaining wall drain – without the retaining wall.

Intercept drains are the most cost-effective way of draining lawns and stopping water coming from neighbouring properties. It is also very cost- effective for agricultural drainage. Why is it so cost-effective? Because only a small length of belt – say 500mm – is required for every 1-2 metres.

Drainage in narrow spaces
Using on its edge against a wall to provide drainage in very narrow spaces

Capiphon Belt is available as

  • 100mm x 10mm (most commonly used).
  • 175mm x 6m  (pipe fabrication).
  • Other lengths and/or widths can be especially cut. Please contact us for pricing
  • 65mm x 6m (smaller jobs)

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