Roof Top Gardens

Overcoming The Blocked Drainage Problem

The main problem suffered by rooftop gardens is blocked drainage. There are many intricate drainage systems available on the market, but none as simple, inexpensive, and as effective as Capiphon™.

The Simple Solution

Conventional systems rely on gravity alone, and require a significant depth of soil/medium. Capiphon’s flat profile - with its capillary action - is ideal for situations where shallow soil profiles are required for either weight or space restrictions.

This example shows a huge car park roof protected by Capiphon™ drainage. The surface was covered with soil, and then with turf. Four years later, there is no sign of leakage in the roof of the car park seen from below, even though there are plenty of cracks visible.

Not all roof top gardens require shallow media. Some can be very deep. This one is about one metre deep. Capiphon™ belts maintain optimal soil moisture levels supporting healthy trees. They also mop up spilt water and any leakage from the in-built swimming pool.

Serious Alternative to Ag Pipe

Ag pipe is also called aggie, agricultural pipe, ag line etc. Capiphon also out-performs slotted pipe.